Our Mission

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Kai's Experience
Kai has 15 years' experience in the Marketing and Communication industry, supported by a degree in Professional Writing.
Her professional background spans working in the Ad Agency world serving clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Carquest, Farm Bureau Insurance, and Novozymes; working in the Niche Consulting and Recruitment space with a focus on writers and designers for companies including Red Hat, Cisco, Epic Games, and more; and being an Independent Writer, Designer, and Consultant to many small businesses and entrepreneurs. These experiences combined with her unwavering empathy for people have led to her passion purpose of Penned by Kai.

Get to know Kai (Beyond the Business)

Kai is short for Kaila (ky-ee-luh).
At age 9(ish) I wrote my first legitimate poem, "As I Ponder" ~ In high school, a mission's trip to Monterrey, Mexico changed the course of my life ~ Love soccer and played at the Division 1 collegiate level (and one season semi-pro) ~ I am the author of The Remix Kids: Good Gift available on Amazon ~ Blessed to have a young rock star of a daughter, a charming son, and an easygoing husband.

I look forward to collaborating with you!