Our clients consist of entrepreneurs, small businesses, career professionals, and nonprofits with varied areas of focus. Sports and recreation, faith-based organizations, kid-oriented brands, health and beauty, motivational brands, writing services, software apps, and more. If you are looking to do good in the world, we are here to help spread the word.

Here is a snapshot of some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with.


Strategic Consulting, Website Design

Design, Communications, Outreach

Writer/Career Consultant

Brand Consultant for Author, Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker - Vanessa Johnson. Strategic Direction, Style Guide, Editing, Social Media

Website Optimization, Promotional Materials

Video, Content Creation, Social Media Design

Brand and Marketing Consultant - Website, Logo, Business Card, Video, Content Creation, Marketing/PR Strategy, Social Media

Brand and Marketing Consultant - Website, Logo, Business Cards, Social Media Design, Content Creation, Postcards, Marketing Strategy

Brand Development, Strategy, Website Design, PR

Marketing, PR,

Website Optimization

Brand Development, Website

Brand Consulting for Small Business Owners

Copy Editor and Proofreader for Mailfixer - Improving written business communications for non-native English speakers

Website Design


Brand and Marketing Consultant - Website, Logo, Business Card, Advertising, Grand Opening

Business Strategist and Brand Consultant - Website Designer, Content Creator

Website Design

Lead Data Editor for the mobile app, ONE

Ghostwriter for various brands

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